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Maintaining a High Standard

Our school is regularly inspected by the Ontario Ministry of Education. The purpose of the Ministry inspection is to confirm that the standard of instruction is satisfactory in courses leading to the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). This means the structure of the courses, the quality of the teaching, and the work of the students must be consistent with the Ministry of Education’s Curriculum Program Planning and Assessment Guidelines. All courses are constructed in accordance with Growing Success: Assessment, Evaluation, and Reporting in Ontario Schools, 2010


The Principal of Our School is authorized by the Ministry of Education in Ontario to grant high school credits leading the Ontario Secondary School Diploma.

Our Learning Model

Our School takes an accommodating approach to secondary school student learning. We understand that students are often faced with limited course offerings, less than desirable timetables, time constraints and difficulties studying. Our e-learning platform provides a flexible and attractive alternative to regular day school. Our school also collaborates with many public schools, private schools, international schools, tutoring centres and various other institutions (i.e. treatment centers, hospitals and group homes), to assist students who require flexible start dates and the ability to set a modified learning pace in their chosen courses of study. To find out more about eSchool or to speak with someone who can give you more information relevant to your specific situation, contact us.

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