Our Group of Companies

Prime Wealth Management Co., Ltd. “PWMC” (Reg No. 2697)
is a wholly owned subsidiary of “UniEBS” and is an institution focused on expanding higher education opportunities for students in Myanmar. Having formed a partnership with a Preferred Network of Universities, “PWMC” strives to provide the best education & financial investment training services in Yangon, Myanmar. “PWMC” takes a comprehensive approach to knowledge-based education through “EBS”. Tackling various issues of access, inclusion, equity and quality in communication, information & education.

“To achieve Myanmar Education standards to be on par with global standards by 2028.”​
To provide the affordable, accessible, quality “Next Generation Learning”, right here in Myanmar through partnerships with leading universities and the latest innovations in academics & pedagogical methods. Key to our mission is to help universities and institutions in Myanmar create a rich and globally competitive campus environment for teaching and learning, and to extend the global reach and impact of international education into Myanmar. We expand opportunities for higher education, ensuring success and transforming the lives of our students and staff, creating knowledge workers that will uplift the knowledge economy and turn Myanmar into a global competitor.

No.7A, Parami Road, Mayangone Township, Yangon, Myanmar.
(+95) 097 660 88 660

is one of the pioneering IT company in Myanmar who provides communications services to individual, enterprise and carrier customers in Myanmar and internationally. Offering wireless, wise live long distance, voice, date, video and interest communication services. In order to facilitate the development telecom-related infrastructure development. “UniEBS” member company “BISP” possesses the necessary Network Facilities Services – Individual “NFS-I” License needed to develop the “EBS” project. It is licensed to build, operate or manage Satellite earth station facilities, Terrestrial fixed line transmission facilities (e.g. FTTx), Terrestrial radio transmission facilities (Backhauling and Access Points), Mobile & Wireless Base Station Facilities, Resale of wireline connectivity services, Resale of terrestrial wireless connectivity services, Internet Service Provider Facilities and Services, Towers, Masts, Ducts, Trenches, Poles, Dark Fiber, Radio equipment installed to send, receive and route communications, Construction, deployment and maintenance of Telecommunication Networks and the self-provision of Telecommunications Services used solely for internal communications.

Room (2), Building (5),
MICT Park, Hlaing Universities campus,
Hlaing Township,
Yangon, Myanmar.

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