Academic Information



A credit is granted to a student by the Program Director of our OSR Holder in recognition of the successful completion of a subject that has been scheduled for a minimum of 110 hours.


All courses offered a CSM have been developed according to the Ontario (Canada) Ministry of Education (MOE) requirements. CSM and its Principal Partners are inspected annually for the purpose of granting credits toward Ontario secondary School Diploma (OSSD).

Assessment & Evaluation

All assessments of student's achievement (homework, tests, assignment, learning processes, and final examinations) are set internally by the Canadian Certified Lecture. Evaluation is not an end in itself, but rather is part of the learning process to judge a student's achievement in relation to the stated expectations of each subject.

70% of the final grade is a result of coursework, while 30% is based on the final examination/ course culminating task. Procedures for evaluating students’ progress may vary from course to course, and will be outlined in detail by teacher(s) at the beginning of the course.

Attendance Policy

Student success in the program is very much determined by regular and punctual attendance in all classes because participation is vital to the process of learning. When learning is disrupted by irregular attendance, the student suffers a loss of experience that cannot be entirely regained. The students who habitually miss class will suffer in the evaluation process because their participation and achievement cannot be fully assessed. This is accentuated in Assessment Evaluation section. Our attendance policy is intended to make students aware of consequences of absenteeism and to encourage students to be openly accountable for their school-related behavior.

Mid-Term and Final Reports - CSM will issue two formal reports to all parents and students during a semester - the Mid - Term and the Final Reports. An “Early Letter of the Communication” will be sent via email to students not meeting minimum course expectations.

The Mid-Term Reports will be send to their parents when the students finished half of their courses.

Final Reports will be emailed to the student’s email address at the end of courses. Reporting of Attendance CSM will officially report achievement to the parents and students twice during the semester - in the middle of the semester and at the end. On each Report Card, along with an evaluation for each subject taken, the number of absences and late per subject will be indicated.

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