Secondary Education Curriculum

(English) - Year 1 to 6
image Take Control of Your Future
With SPMflix, self-directed learning comes full circle. Focus only on what you need to learn, at your own pace and in your preferred style with the convenience of a Virtual Learning Environment. SPMflix comes complete with Secondary education content presented through a variety of engaging, immersive formats that will enable learning, facilitate recall and most importantly, help you score better! This platform is already approved and running in Malaysia with the consent of Ministry of Education Malaysia.

Study Anywhere
Choose who, what, where and how you want to study. With your laptop, notebook or smartphone, you can work independently or in groups - in the classroom, your secret quiet place, outdoors in the park or in the company of all your friends.

You’re the Boss. Pick Your Course
• With a comprehensive library of content based on the latest Form 4 and Form 5 syllabus, elevate your learning experience with high-quality content produced by teachers and educators.
• Comprehensive tutorial lesson videos based on the National school syllabus
• Revision e-Notes (featuring handy short-notes and Frequently Tested Questions)

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