Tertiary Curriculum

Year 12/A-Level Equivalent
The following foundation courses are tailored for those who do not meet the requirements for our Undergraduate Programmes. By successfully completing any of our Foundation Courses, the student will obtain the necessary credentials to pursue any of our Undergraduate Degrees from our Associate Universities.

Choose who, what, where and how you want to study. With your laptop, notebook or smartphone, you can work independently or in groups - in the classroom, your secret quiet place, outdoors in the park or in the company of all your friends.

Foundation in Law

The Foundation in Law (FIL) is a comprehensive programme designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to pursue a degree in law or its related fields. This course gives students a solid grounding in core legal subjects such criminal law, contract law, tort law and the English Legal System, whilst developing skillsets to help them succeed in almost any career.

The programme aims to provide students with an enhanced level of academic literacy, skills and confidence to ensure a highly effective and smooth transitional process from secondary school into over 200 undergraduate programmes offered by UniEBS.

Upon successful completion of this course, students can choose from a wide range of undergraduate programmes in social sciences and humanities such as business, management, accounting, finance, economics, marketing, mass communications, public relations and many more.

Learning Outcomes
This course aims to prepare students for the demands of undergraduate programmes by imbuing knowledge and understanding of the basic tenets of Law while encouraging the development of analytical and independent thinking skills.

The Foundation in Law emphasises practical experiences whilst enabling students to build on their existing skills through interactive and student-centric approaches to learning. Students will benefit from a holistic and hands-on methodology through discussions, exploration and evaluation of issues, in addition to developing presentation skills.

Foundation Course Subjects
Students will be exposed to a number of critical areas over 3 semesters and are assessed through a combination of written examinations and assignments.

Semester 1
▪ English 1
▪ StudySkills
▪ Introduction to Information Communication Technology
▪ Business Studies
▪ Entrepreneurship

Semester 2:
▪ English 2
▪ Critical Thinking Skills
▪ Introduction to English Legal Systems
▪ Introduction to Criminal Law

Semester 3:
▪ Practical Legal Skills
▪ Introduction to Contract Law
▪ Introduction to Tort Law
▪ PresentationSkills

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